Backyard room Urban Studio Rooms Adelaide Prefabricated building

Backyard Rooms – Prefabricated building

Fantastic cost effective solution to adding living space in a short time frame, no lengthy design process or council approvals. Avoiding the mess, fuss and living interuptions of extending or renovating with a build time of 1-2 weeks, but still with an architectural appeal.

Backyard room Urban Studio Rooms Adelaide Prefabricated building
Backyard room Urban Studio Rooms Adelaide Prefabricated building
Backyard room Urban Studio Rooms Adelaide Prefabricated building
Backyard room Urban Studio Rooms Adelaide Prefabricated building

Make use of unused backyard space with a show piece to compliment your garden.

Urban Studio Rooms

We have a small team of licensed quality trades people with experience and knowledge to meet all Australian building standards and deliver a premium product.

We use sustainable eco friendly treated timber framing, as it is the ultimate renewable resource, with choices of cladding and colours in colourbond profiles and the Hardies range.

We currently have our main design suited well to positioning in yard corners. We can also alter to suit the needs of our customers, with a range of sizes.

Realistic investment approach instead of spending on existing home and avoiding the trap of over-capitalising as, rooms are transportable.

Uses for your backyard room

  • Office/Study – Separate your home and work life without being stuck in traffic, work without distractions just close up and knock off
  • Teenagers retreat – Space for your teenagers and their friends, while staying safe at home
  • Hobbies/Workshop – an ideal place for your latest interest or creating at the workbench
  • Music – a great place to fine tune you or your child’s skills and develop further with a perfect creative space
  • Art and Craft – Have your gear stored and organised with the space to create without interruption
  • Poolhouse – A place for cool drinks, towels or a break from the sun, music or TV in between a dip
  • Gym – Save on expensive gym memberships and work out in privacy
  • Rumpus/Games – Set up your game console or maybe a great place for a sleep over
  • Toy Room – Perfect for play dates and toy storage
  • Collector – Ideal place to store your precious items and a great secure place to admire them
  • Mancave – Have your mates around for some quality bloke time, maybe poker, pool, watch the footy or the race
  • TV – watch your favorite show or movie without interruptions and as loud as you like or maybe you are a gamer looking to take it to the next level
  • Salon – Wanting to work your business from home, but dont want clients inside your home or interruptions from general home life


Do I need council approval?

Building Approval is not required if the building is under 15 square metres in size.

How long will it take to build?

Usually 1-2 weeks build time.

How long until you can start my studio room?

Usually 3-4 weeks.

If I move house, can I take my studio room with me?

Yes studio rooms are totally transportable with the help of a crane and truck.

Can I have different colours?

Yes – a variety of colours from the colourbond range plus any external paint colours.

Are they insulated?

Yes  the studio rooms are fully wrapped in sisalation, with insulation batts to all walls and polystyrene foam insulation to ceiling panels.

How are they constructed?

Floor, walls and roof panels are prefabricated and delivered to site as a flat pack then installed.

Backyard room Urban Studio Rooms Adelaide Prefabricated building

More info about the backyard room

  • Backyard Room display Size  5m x 3m
  • Quality Aluminium Windows and sliding doors from the current colorbond colour range installed to your Backyard Room
  • External Corrogated colorbond cladding fitted to your Backyard Room from the current colorbond colour range
  • External Cladding chosen from the hardies profile range and fitted to your Backyard Room to suit your style
  • Make your Backyard Room stand out with external colours to suit your taste
  • Roof/Ceiling Panels all pre-insulated and fitted to your Backyard Room for added comfort
  • All Backyard Room timber members termite treated for your peace of mind
  • Building Code of Australia requirements are all met to ensure your Backyard Room will stand the test of time
  • Customize your Backyard Room in size or design to suit your lifestyle
  • Backyard Rooms with a premium finish
  • Locally made and built to last

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